About St. Louis Senior Dog Project


The St. Louis Senior Dog Project is a foster based dog rescue organization specializing in older dogs but taking in and finding homes for dogs of all ages. 




The St. Louis Senior Dog Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the state of Missouri. We are an all volunteer organization that rescues dogs of all ages but especially dogs 5 years of age and older.


We actively promote the adoption of older dogs. We spay/neuter all dogs, bring them up to date with shots, worming, microchipping and heartworm prevention. We provide our dogs with all necessary veterinary care, including treatment for such things as heartworm disease, kennel cough, pneumonia, intestinal parasites, urinary tract infections, fleas and ticks, and dental care.


Our regular adoption events are held at the Kirkwood Petco every weekend between 11AM and 3PM.  We always have many dogs present to come and see, and even more online!